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          Glue paint is a simple and effective paint for interior works: walls and ceilings. It is fully matte, opaque and breathable. Glue paint has been used in Latvia since the mid 18th century and was used until 1980s. Glue paint can be applied on different surfaces: wood, plaster, jute fabrics and cardboard. Glue paint consists of water, mineral pigments and bone or cellulose glue.


With a litre of paint in one layer 2 - 4 m2 of surface can be covered.

This scale consists of the most popular colours ordered during our 19 years of work. The names of the colours refer to the first clients who chose the respective hue: name of the client, the place of the object, the mineral pigment used or other associations.

NCS codes are matched as close to the sample as possible. However there could still be slight differences in hue.

Choose the colour based on its covering ability, name, sequence number or NCS code.


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