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         We’ve been producing human and environment friendly paints since 1997, building on a wealth of experience gained in collaborations with colleagues in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, as well as during the renovation of “Ungurmuiža” manor complex — our working and living place at that time.

        While working with these paints over time we have realized how truly excellent but wrongly forgotten they are in these modern times of haste. So, with the idea of promoting wider use of these eco-paints, our workshop “RAITUMS krāsu darbnīca” was born. For the manufacture of these paints a proven list of high grade raw materials are used: mineral pigments, linseed oil varnish, pine-wood tar, bee wax, pitch etc. Our paints do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), they are water vapour permeable, allow the wood to breathe, do not create a film on the painted surfaces, do not crack, as well as protect from moisture and the sun’s UV radiation.


        We produce paints both for interior use (furniture, floors, walls, staircases etc.), all types of exterior works (windows, doors, facades, roofs, terraces, fences etc.), as well as other uses in wood constructions, plastering and metalwork. The most popular paint types are linseed oil paints, wood stain, tar paints, glue paints and special impregnating agents for boats and terraces. Our products are widely used both in major restoration projects, and in internationally acclaimed modern architecture sites developed in collaboration with the Latvia’s top architects. 



        Tell us about your needs and wishes, and we will advise you on the most appropriate paint type, help you choose the colour and explain how to use it correctly. We always work with the client in person to achieve the best possible result and satisfaction, and we are fond of what we do.

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