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Edgars Raitums is a certified restorer with many years of experience and offers a wide range of restoration services. Our team restores architectural timber units from smaller elements such as windows and doors to larger units such as stairs, house facades, decorative columns to name a few. We use RAITUMS products in our practice. Our extensive experience allows us to achieve an optimum outcome and quality. The RAITUMS team’s restoration techniques are of the highest professional standard to ensure longevity and quality of the project. Our company undertakes both small and large scale projects.


We also offer decorative painting services. A trained team of painters will ensure the use of correct technologies, resulting in optimum quality and longevity. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience with decorative painting materials and technologies. We offer our services whatever your location. 


Edgars Raitums offers consulting services on restoration sites as well as contemporary building sites where traditional craft principles and paint finishes are required.

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