The paint is intended for interior and exterior works.

Good paving properties when painting twice.

Paint can also be used in rooms with high humidity (basements).

"Breathable" - allows the surface to both absorb and remove moisture.

Stir before painting. Dilute with water 5-10%. Try a small area. The surface to be painted must be evenly absorbed, free from dust and grease. Loose surfaces must be cleaned and wallpaper glue washed. Cracks and holes closed. Prime with diluted lime paint or casein primer (indoors and in dry rooms). Cover untreated surfaces and floors. If swallowed, wash immediately with water.

To repair an already painted surface, it must first be moistened with water. Paint with an oval paint brush (recommended art.P6080, Gr.13, 13x5.5, bristle length 65mm) crosswise, "wet on wet" (no highlighted joints). Cover one working plane (wall) in one go.

Dry for 8 hours at 20 ° C and 65% humidity. Not recommended: paint on glue; cover undried surfaces; direct sunlight; the facade heated by the sun; drafts; air temperature below 8 C; paint with a roller. To repel moisture, a lime-painted surface can be coated with Kreidezeit soap (Schwarze Seife art.225) in a ratio of 1:20, i.e. within 24 hours of completion of the work (not completely dried). per 8 liters of water 400ml of soap. Apply soap from the bottom up. The roller is not recommended.

More about surface treatment with lime paints


Avoid contact with eyes, wear safety goggles and work gloves (preferably rubberized). Keep out of reach of children.


This paint is mainly intended for sawn wooden surfaces outdoors and is relatively easy to apply. If applied on a planed surface, this paint should be leveled more carefully - only apply as much as "sticks" (to prevent leakage).

Good luck!

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