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The paint is intended for both interior and exterior works.
Good coverage when painted in two layers.
Lime paint can also be used in rooms with high humidity (such as basements).

"Breathable" - allows the surface to both absorb and remove moisture.

Stir before painting. Apply a base coat to surface with diluted lime paint (dilute with water 10-15%). It is recommended to test the paint on a small area. The surface must be evenly absorbent, free from dust and grease. Loose bits and wallpaper glue must be removed. Depending on requirements, for the second and third layer use paint undiluted or diluted with 5 – 10 % water. Choose a dilution that makes the paint easy to spread. 

Before painting, cover untreated surfaces and floors! Color splashes should be removed immediately with plenty of water to avoid irreversible stains.


Paint crosswise, "wet on wet" (no highlighted joints). Cover one working plane (wall) in one go. It is recommended to use a synthetic brush (lime erodes natural bristle). Recommended bristle length 65mm, width - at least 70mm. 

To repair an already painted surface, it must first be moistened with water. 

Not recommended: painting on glue paint, painting on surfaces in direct sunlight (hot surfaces); painting in temperature less than 8°C.

Drying time: 8 hours at 20°C and a relative humidity of 65%.

For water repellent surface use Marseille soap 1:50 with water (20g soap in 1l water). Apply the solution in a thin and even coat, from bottom to top. Do not roll!


For more information about surface treatment with lime paints visit


Causes skin irritation. Protective goggles and gloves must be worn when using lime paint! Keep away from children!

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