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The following steps are required to achieve durable outdoor paint job. The description mentions the minimum drying times of linseed oil. In practice, the work can also be divided into larger intervals.



The first layer of primer should be applied with heated linseed oil (~70°C) in a fairly rich layer. It is recommended to add up to 20% of linseed oil paint that will be used for painting and 15% balsamic turpentine (turpentine is added to an already heated mixture). The first layer is usually completely absorbed into the wood. If this does not happen, the excess linseed oil should be smoothed out after about 4 hours with a brush or cotton cloth. After the first layer of primer, the wood surface will be matte. Allow to dry for 3 days.

The second layer of primer should be applied with untinted linseed oil at room temperature (leftover tinted oil can also be used). The second layer is no longer completely absorbed and the excess oil must be wiped off or smoothed out. For repainted surfaces, two coats are usually sufficient. For previously unpainted surfaces the result might still be unevenly impregnated wood, which in some places will be completely matte, in some places already a little shiny. Allow to dry for 3 days.

The third layer should be applied in the same way as the second. Efforts should be made to smooth out or remove unabsorbed oil. The result should be an even semi-glossed surface. Excess oil should be wiped off immediately. The only exception could be if the temperature is cold (not lower than + 10). Dried oil is extremely difficult to remove!


The first layer of paint should be diluted by approx. 10% balsamic turpentine. The paint should be applied in a thin layer, rubbing only as much as it sticks. The first layer does not have to completely cover the surface. Dry for 3 days.

The second and final layer of paint should be diluted with 10%. linseed oil and also applied in a thin layer, only in the direction of the wood fiber. If the second layer of paint is applied with a different shade, it is possible to achieve various decorative effects (e.g. wood graining).


Rags soaked with linseed oil must be immediately burnt or stored in water as they are liable to spontaneous combustion!!!

Oily brushes can be stored in linseed oil indefinitely.


Good luck!

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