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Tar paint made by SIA RAITUMA KRĀSAS consists of cold pressed linseed oil, pine tar and mineral pigments. It is made in an artisanal way, in accordance with traditional methods, and its properties meet the historical requirements of crafts.

Recipes are saved in the name of the customer, so that the exact same shade can be repeated even after 10 or more years.


Preheat the paint to ~60°C, stirring well. Apply with a brush evenly. Use more paint for rough sawn wood, less for planed. This paint has good impregnation properties and it penetrates deeper into the wood surface than linseed oil paint.

It is necessary to take into account the relatively long drying time - 3 to 7 days. For a shorter drying time choose warm and dry weather for painting. The second layer should only be applied after the first has dried completely. Unlike the first, the second layer needs to be evened out more diligently, because the wood is already partially saturated.

This paint will last for 10-15 years or longer without significant changes. It should be noted that Sweden has a long history of experience with these paints. Houses treated in this way, which are re-tarred, last for hundreds of years. It is recommended to use an identical wood tar paint or glaze to restore or repaint the surface. If the old paint is very dusty and dirty, it is recommended to wash it with warm water and pH neutral soap before restoring it.


This paint is mainly intended for rough wooden outdoor surfaces and is relatively easy to apply. If applied on a planed surface, it should be done more carefully - only apply as much as "sticks" (to prevent leakage).

Good luck!

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